Linda Bergeron’s Biography

I grew up in Casper, Wyoming in the 50s where family surrounded us and we loved our land and our country. Our schools taught the history of our State. We had a sense of patriotic values. Our Constitution was inherent in all we believed about our county.

I raised a family in Casper with two children. We loved our church which guided our values.

I believe the Oath of Office is essential to holding a seat of honor elected by the people of our local area. I believe Article 1 of the Wyoming Constitution is Wyoming’s Bill of Rights and it is the protection of our unalienable rights of life, liberty and property of the citizens of our great State.

Currently, I see a trend of bureaucracy growing government. However, I have stood up firmly against this trend in our local government. We are a Constitutional Republic system of government. The Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of our State will ensure that we remain a free people. However, it is the duty of a free people to hold our elected officials accountable to their Oath of Office. When perjury is committed it is only the electorate that will hold them accountable. It is my hope to lead the citizens of the County back to our Constitutional protection.

I am seeking your vote to elect me, Linda Bergeron, to the seat of Natrona County Commissioner. I have a gracious and loving husband who is a wise sounding board. He has great love and respect for the Constitution, as do I.

I teach The 5000 Year Leap study of the 28 Principles of Liberty upon which our founding documents were written. I believe, to remain a free people we must be educated in the intent of our founders.

Democracies have failed. However, our Constitution guides us upon a secure path to remain a free people.

I believe the right to own property is essential to a government of a free people. Our property rights are being infringed upon continually in Natrona County. Some have lost their property due to excessive fines from bureaucracy. Much is this bureaucracy is initiated by Executive Order by the Executive Branch of government thus bypassing our House of Representatives.

My great motivation is securing a Constitutional Republic system of government for my posterity. I love her dearly and I will NOT bow to the overpowering lure of federal grant money which usurps the freedom and liberty of the coming generation.

Please elect Linda Bergeron to the Natrona County Commission to represent our free market enterprise economic system and to uphold our property rights necessary to remaining a free people.

LIBERTY all the Stimulus we need,

Linda Bergeron, 307-259-8795